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The Guardian

HP 'timebomb' prevents inkjet printers from using unofficial cartridges
The Guardian
But as a convenient side effect for the manufacturers, those features also make it a lot harder for third parties to refill or replace printer ink: a refilled cartridge, for instance, might incorrectly report that it's still empty, while a manufactured ...
HP detonates its timebomb: printers stop accepting third party ink en masseBoing Boing
HP Has Added DRM to Its Ink Cartridges. Not Even KiddingWIRED
HP Is Blocking Unofficial Replacement Cartridges For Its Inkjet PrintersLifehacker Australia -BBC News
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Your Houston News

Kingwood's Local Print Solutions to celebrate 10th anniversary ...
Your Houston News
Evolving from a business just focused on ink and toner cartridges to a full-on printing business offering a variety of services such as copying, shredding and ...

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HP to Acquire Printer Business from Samsung Amid Shrinking Market
I know, but that goes against their profit model which is to make money on cartridges. Right now I run primarily Samsung and Brother B&W lasers specifically because both can be DIY refilled with bulk toner for about $8 a refill. Some Samsungs need a ...

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Return of the Ricoh color laser printer for $69.99
It's lower on the Ricoh printer than most other models. That said, I did a little shopping for C250DN-compatible toner and came away with sticker shock. An entire set (four cartridges) could run you as much as $200. Thankfully, there's an alternative ...

New Statesman

It's 2016, so why do printers still suck?
New Statesman
HP's new update utilises the chips on ink cartridges to tell whether a refill is one of their own, and have also previously been used to region-block cartridges so they can't be sold on in other countries. Those little chips are also the thing that ...

PC Authority

Group Test: Small office/home office printers
PC Authority
What we haven't factored in is the option of buying cheaper compatible ink or toner cartridges, or unofficial refill systems. Printer manufacturers unanimously warn that unofficial products can cause problems, and while the Mandy Rice-Davies ...

Four States Homepage

Cartridge World - Talking about some special services they offer
Four States Homepage
... including free delivery for Joplin business customers, a loyalty discount card, and just overall reduced pricing, because you are refilling instead of totally replacing your ink cartridges every time you run out. Cartridge World strives to serve ...

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