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WISeKey's WISePrint Secures Ink Cartridges Against Counterfeiting with its VaultIC Cryptographic Module
WISePrint offers printer makers an outstanding integrated IoT solution to deter counterfeiting of ink and toner cartridges. Geneva ... WISePrint also offers smart refill management and high-speed patented multi-cartridges authentication. "We are ...

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Jailbreaking your connected coffee machine: The idiocy of things
In information technology, the most notable offender is Hewlett-Packard small/home office printers, which not only use proprietary ink and toner cartridges that are specific to each model but employ validation technology to determine that the refills ...

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Everyday Cheapskate: Garbage disposer splash guard and other reader questions
Red Bluff Daily News
Dear Cate: Warehouse clubs have perhaps the best prices out there on computer printer replacement cartridges and toner. Costco also refills toner cartridges which cuts down on the price, as well. Next time you're there, check with the service ...

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TG Daily (blog)

4Inkjets Coupons and What People are Saying
TG Daily (blog) is a market leader of discount ink cartridges and toners. They deal with all types of inkjets refill kits and cartridges, fax toners, laser toners, and other various printer supplies for all types of inkjet and laser printers available in ...

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Printer makers are fighting to make it illegal for you to refill their cartridges. Yes, it's bonkers.
Financial Post
By This week, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear arguments in a patent dispute, Impression Products Inc. v. Lexmark International Inc. Unlike most patent cases, this one directly affects the daily lives of nearly every American. It requires the court to ...
Patents Are A Big Part Of Why We Can't Own Nice Things: the Supreme Court Should Fix ThatEFF

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Supreme Court's Decision About Printer Cartridges Could Have Big Consequences
NOEL KING, BYLINE: A Lexmark laser printer costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $400. A Lexmark refill toner cartridge costs about $130. It's not cheap. So there are businesses that have sprung up that take empty Lexmark printer cartridges, refill ...

Thinking of Using Third-Party Printer Ink Cartridges? Read This First.
Lexmark International, Inc. that third-party companies could refill toner cartridges originally sold by a printer manufacturer. Lexmark had argued that Impression was violating Lexmark patents by refilling and reselling such cartridges. Neither company ...
If You Buy It, You Own It!HuffPost

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